What does Russian do in Medium?

Hello, everyone. I’m 28 years old. I’m from a huge country. I like to share my thoughts with others. I have pages on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. Now also in Medium. I do my own technical business and I love basketball, Fortnite and Naruto. I combine the incompatible. Immediately forgive me if I write with errors. I know English well but not perfectly. I am happy to share my thoughts with you. Russian Russian life and the difficulties of the Russian language are something you can ask me about. I’ll be happy to help. How did I find Medium?
Since I’m active on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, I wanted to start a blog with my thoughts. It takes a very long time to create your own website. So I decided to find a platform that will help me share my thoughts with the audience. The first platform was Yandex. Zen. Analog of Medium in Russia. The platform is the worst. Now many people hate it. The platform rules are very vague. They can give a ban at any time. Especially if you have reached an excellent income. If your article is shot, then wait for the ban. In 99 % of cases, the ban for a channel is less than 50,000 subscribers. It is very sad when the author tries, and the platform suffocates him if he does not have 50,000 subscribers. It’s funny to you. But for my country, this is normal. We have a thriving audience cheat on all platforms, which is why platforms pay 6 times less than in America. Don’t think that a grown man is complaining. I’m just telling the truth. And most often it is on the part of the authorities. It is profitable for them that one gets out in people and the rest in the same bad way only tried to do the same. And the new generation believes in it. I’m getting off topic. I did not succeed with Zen and got the choice of another platform. I chose Medium. Although Medium is English-speaking, but this is also a plus. I am sure that many people are interested in life in my country, our way of life, our thoughts and views on life. In my articles, I will talk about my wonderful life.
I’ll start with my hobbies. Basketball.
Like many guys in Russia, I have loved sports since childhood. Sports are interesting because you can determine what you are capable of and how good you are from the rest. The first sport was football (soccer). I started to get involved in it at the age of 5. I went to kindergarten then. There was a boy with us who was trained by his father. And he taught us. Although he was more successful than the others, it was a lot of fun. So we 8 friends and made friends and went to school. At school, we all went to the district football section. Although the results in the school team were successful, but in the district team I was in reserve. I didn’t even understand why? Everything is of course simple. In the district team, a third of the main team was the children of the club’s sponsors. And you come to the game and don’t play a minute. Most of the games were friendly. You just stare. I spent 6 years playing football and made a strong-willed decision to quit it. I’m bored with him. Half of the reserve did so. Why torture yourself? I was already very much interested in basketball. Basketball in my country is much less developed than football. First of all, because of the money that is spinning in this sport in Europe. That’s why parents want their children to try their hand at football at the beginning. But basketball is a more spectacular and dynamic sport. And also with individual movements. I still like that about him. I even admired the game of ordinary men who were chopping in the yard. It was spectacular. The dream was to beat from above with a height of 167 cm. But about this and much more in the next story.
On Fridays and Saturdays, I run streams on YouTube. I will be happy to talk). In the channel description, there is a link to Instagram.
In the comments, you can ask any questions you are interested in. I’ll be happy to answer. See you in the following stories. To be continued …




I’m a Russian Man on the vastness of Medium. I write about whatever I want. I love basketball, Fortnite and Naruto. A wild mix, but all the more interesting )

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Radiant Osiris

Radiant Osiris

I’m a Russian Man on the vastness of Medium. I write about whatever I want. I love basketball, Fortnite and Naruto. A wild mix, but all the more interesting )

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